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Construction Equipment Company LLC

Gardner Denver 250 Air Compressor and White (Mod D3400) Diesel / Kohler 45KW Generator Genset

Scroll down to see all of the items listed. Additional pictures are available upon request.

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(Pictured Left)- This is an older unit but has very low hours. This unit was always used on our constructuion projects as a stand by compressor - Only 212 actual hours. We have always been the owner of this compressor and have the manuals. This unit fires right up and builds pressure very very quickly. 1967 Gardner Denver 250 air compressor - model SP 250DE - Ser Number 531384 - (4-53) Detroit Diesel engine - net weight 5910 pounds.











We also have many multi port air hose manifolds and oilers available along with all of your air hose fitting needs.

Full View Of 45 KW Kohler Generator

(Pictured Left) 1979 trailer mounted Kohler (Model 45ROZ71)Generator - 45 KW - 56.25 KVA - 68 Ampere - 480 volts - 3 phase. ENGINE - 339 cubic inch, Nat. aspirated inline 6 cyl White Diesel, model D3400, s/n VA3437568. This unit has the following electrical connections: Four (440v 3 phase)Joy plugs - One (220v single phase) Joy plug - Four (440v 3 phase) twist locks - Four (220v 3 phase) twist locks - Two (220v single phase) twist locks - and two standard 100v single phase plugs.
This unit comes with four removeable locking steel door panels.

45KW Kohler Generator Engine

45 KW Kohler Generator Electrical Box


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Email Us With Any Questions Or Requests!

Please email us with any questions.